Gammel Skagen

48 hours in Skagen - the cultural oasis

Photo: Peter Jørgensen

Join a journey through Skagen and experience the place, where the Skagen painters found inspiration for their masterpieces. Enjoy a well-deserved break with culinary highlights, seaside hotels, and unique nature.

Day 1

Skagen painters, culinary highlights, and magical sunset


This 48-hour art guide takes you on an journey through Skagen. We start at the famous Skagens Museum. In the late 1800s, Skagen became a refuge for a colony of talented Scandinavian artists. Here, they found inspiration in the picturesque beaches, heaths, and fishermen's cottages.

The Skagen painters, as the artist colony came to be known, have left their mark on the Nordic art scene. With iconic names like P.S. Krøyer, Anna and Michael Ancher, Viggo Johansen, and Christian Krohg, the Skagen painters were pioneers in modern painting in Scandinavia. They broke with academic painting and the Danish Golden Age tradition.

At Skagens Museum, you can admire the works of the Skagen painters, which have been there since 1908 to preserve the art close to where it was created. You can also, make a stop at the artists' homes Anchers Hus and Drachmanns Hus, where you can step into the artists' lives and be inspired by their surroundings.

Skagen Kunstmuseer
Photo: Peter Jørgensen
Skagen Kunstmuseer
Photo: Destination Nord

After an enriching and exciting afternoon at Skagens Museum, it's time for a gastronomic experience.

With Jack Cramer as Chef, Okê Restaurant offers a fantastic culinary experience. Here, it's not just about the food, but the entire experience of aroma, taste, and ambiance. The flavors are incredibly diverse and inspired by local ingredients and Skagen's history. Every element, from appetizers to beverages, is carefully considered to create a harmony, where each part of the meal complements the others.

End the day with a relaxing stroll to the Sunset Viewpoint, where you can enjoy the sight of the sun slowly disappearing on the horizon over the North Sea.


Photo:Kjetil Løite

Recharge your energy at Ruths Hotel - a seaside beach hotel located in Gl. Skagen. The hotel offers charming rooms and apartments in an authentic Scandinavian seaside hotel atmosphere. Surrounded by dunes and with easy access to the beach and the famous sunset spot, Ruths Hotel is the ideal place to recharge your batteries. 

Ruths Hotel

Photo:Mette Johnsen

Day 2

Coastal museum, historical plaice, and costal atmosphere.

Start your day with a tasty breakfast at Ruths Hotel. Freshly baked bread and delicious pastries are served daily, along with homemade butter and a wide selection of Michel Michaud's signature jams.

After breakfast, head to the Skagen Coastal Museum. This unique museum combines an open-air museum with exhibitions, showcasing recreated houses from three different periods in Skagen's history: The black period (until approx. 1875), the yellow period (approx. 1875-1907), and the red period (after 1907). You can experience how both rich and poor lived under completely different conditions. In the main building, you'll find various special exhibitions on fishing, rescue services, and maritime affairs. These exhibitions provide an exciting introduction to Skagen's fascinating history and the dramatic life along the coast. Upon arrival at the museum, you'll be provided with an audio guide and instructions for use in the exhibitions.

When hunger strikes, you can enjoy a delightful lunch at Brøndums Hotel. Mads Schytte from 'Mad og Monopolet' has said the following about the place:

Regardless of what you order, you will not be disappointed in either size or quality because dining at Brøndums Hotel is truly a delightful experience.

Brøndum hotel

Photo:Mette Johnson

We would like to recommend a historical dish, 'Rødspætte á la Skawbo.' This dish features a plaice, breaded in rye flour and fried in oil and generous amounts of butter. It is served with glazed potatoes, parsley, lingonberries, and a butter sauce with capers and parsley. This dish holds historical significance, as it was enjoyed by none other than H.C. Andersen back in 1859. The name 'á la Skawbo' refers to the use of lingonberries, adding a tart flavor traditionally achieved with lemon juice. At that time, they used natural ingredients, and it is reflected in the use of lingonberries.

After a delightful meal, you can take a stroll through the town and explore the many local shops, as well as walk along Skagen Harbor. Skagen offers a unique harbor atmosphere with its old fishermen's warehouses, where just a generation ago, fish were packed directly from the fishermen's baskets in the harbor basin. Today, these warehouses house both fish shops and restaurants where you can enjoy delicious fish from Skagen.

At Skagen Harbor, you'll find Restaurant Håkon, one of the candidates for "Best in North Jutland - Value for Money" in 2023. Located on the first floor with a view of the harbor, the restaurant is said to be Skagen's best-kept secret. If you appreciate tranquility, this is the perfect place for you. Local ingredients are served, prepared in a way that will delight every palate. Additionally, you can explore the city's largest and most extensive wine list.

Restaurant Holger


Enjoy a comfortable night's sleep at the exclusive 4-star Color Hotel Skagen, which proudly received TripAdvisor's Travellers' Choice Award for 2023. Here, you will be pampered with many facilities at your disposal, such as a heated swimming pool and hot tub. 

Day 3

Skagen Nature Experiences: From peninsula to Lighthouse.

The day begins with a delicious breakfast at the hotel, where you can enjoy an extensive morning buffet with a wide variety of tempting flavors. Gluten- and lactose-free options are also available - just ask the staff. If breakfast is not included in your stay, you have the option to purchase it at the reception.

Start your day with a visit to the Skagen Odde Naturcenter. Here, you can explore the unique natural landscape of Skagen and learn about the wildlife in the area. The exhibitions provide insights into Skagen's flora, fauna, and coastal formations. The building that houses the center is designed by the world-renowned Danish architect Jørn Utzon, and there is also an exhibition dedicated to his work.

SKagen Odde naturcenter

Photo:Peter Jørgensen

Throughout the day, you will have the opportunity to participate in various activities and lectures. A particular highlight is the daily owl lectures, where you can learn about the nature center's Eurasian eagle-owl and the biology and anatomy of owls. In the reception, you may be lucky enough to meet Tøzen, the spotted African eagle owl residing at Skagen Odde Naturcenter.

If the weather allows, you can take a trip to Grenen, where the Skagerrak and Kattegat seas meet. Enjoy the spectacular view and take a relaxing walk along the beach. There is an option to take "Sandormen" (Sandworm) from the parking lot to Grenen and/or back.

Also, take a stroll to Det Grå Fyr, located near the parking lot at Grenen. This lighthouse has been an important landmark for maritime navigation since 1858. Today, the building is beautifully renovated, and you can explore the preserved old rooms. Det Grå Fyr also hosts annual exciting exhibitions about nature and birds. At the base of the lighthouse, you'll find the Blink café, where you can enjoy a special culinary experience based on the day's catch and local ingredients.

Photo: Christian Faber
Det Grå Fyr
Photo: Peter Jørgensen

After some exciting and educational days, it's time to head back home. Skagen has offered you many cultural experiences during your 48-hour trip. Remember to adjust your itinerary according to your own preferences and any changes in opening hours.

We wish you a fantastic journey!