Skagen strand

Wonderful Skagen

Photo:Mette Johnsen&Mette Johnsen
Enjoy Skagen

At the tip of the European continent, a colony of artists flourished at the end of the 1800s because of the unique quality of the light found in this little fishing village. The town gained an international reputation, and a very special place in the history of art. Art remains an outstanding part of life in Skagen. The same can be said of the golden Skagen houses, gourmet restaurants and hotels, not to mention the rugged scenery, including ‘Grenen’, the point where Skagerak and the Kattegat meet. Truly unique.

Den Tilsandede Kirke i Skagen

Things to do in Skagen

Photo: Mette Johnsen


Explore Skagen and all its exciting, beautiful and unique attractions. Enjoy the stunning scenery, and the unique experience of standing with a foot in each sea at Grenen. Visit Denmark’s biggest migrating dune at Råbjerg Mile, or admire the enigma of the Sanded Church.

Photo:Magnus Moberg

Accommodation in Skagen

Stay in the centre of town in a hotel, or try one of the excellent, historic bathing hotels closer to the water. There are also holiday cottages and apartments, or you might prefer camping in the woods outside town? There’s a wide range of options.