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Strandby havn i Nordjylland

Enjoy calm Kattegat

Pige på strand
Enjoy Kattegat

The Kattegat coast is something quite special. There’s a feeling of calm and plenty of room for activities and relaxing together. The calm waters along the east coast mean outstanding, child-friendly beaches, dotted with harbours and seaside towns. From Skagen, Ålbæk and Strandby to the north, and via Frederikshavn and Sæby to the south, the coastline runs through Asaa, Hou and Hals, with its ferry over the Limfjord to Egense, and on to Dokkedal.

The beaches at the Kattegat Coast are gentle and child-friendly and there is room for fun and play, relaxation and contemplation, and activities both on the ground and in the water. To put it briefly: here is room for the entire family.

Voergaard Slot


Stay a while on the coast of the Kattegat, and wind down completely. There is a wide choice of accommodation, all you have to do is choose where you want to be.