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A getaway in the North Jutland nature

Photo: Mette Johnsen

An active nature trip amidst scenic surroundings. During the journey, you can choose from a network of exciting hiking trails in Dronninglund Big Forest. Explore the hilly landscape in Søheden Forest. Embark on a therapeutic trek with alpacas and experience one of the few vineyards in Denmark.

Dag 1

Dronninglund Storskov og Dorf Møllegård

Start your day with a bike ride or hike in Dronninglund Big Forest. With its 961 hectares, Dronninglund Big Forest offers a nature experience beyond the ordinary. In the forest, you'll find a network of exciting hiking trails winding through varied and idyllic scenery. You can choose between three marked routes: the Beech Forest Route (6 km), the Coniferous Forest Route (5 km), or the Lake Marsh Route (3 km).

See if you can find the enchanted hill where the water flows upward. This phenomenon can be found at Storskovvej 14-18.

Dronninglund Storskov og Sømosen

Photo:Brønderslev Erhverv & Turisme

Next visit, Dorf Møllegård.  Here, you can experience an authentic functioning double mill complex with both a water mill and a windmill. The buildings of Møllegård are idyllically situated by the beautiful millpond on the outskirts of Dronninglund Big Forest. A scenic route leads from the millyard all the way around the millpond. The journey ends where it began and can be aptly rounded off with a visit to the cozy café at Møllegård, offering coffee, cake, or ice cream. 

Dorf Møllegård

Photo:Museum for Forsyning og Bæredygtighed


Photo: Amine M'siouri

Afterwards, head to the Stenbakken shelter area, where you can spend the night. Make sure to have all the necessary equipment for a cozy evening around the campfire.

Dag 2

Søheden Forest, Troll Tree, and the Night Sky.

After a night in nature, pack your things and prepare for today's adventure. Head on to the natural area of Søheden Forest, located about 15 km north of Brønderslev. Explore the hilly landscape, the forest, and the open areas on one of the many marked hiking trails. Experience the impressive Troll Tree in Lunken. This old beech tree has roots that are over 150 years old, and it now stands on stilts, providing a fun climbing and exploration experience for both children and adults.

Troldetræet i Lunken

Photo:Klaus Hoff

Here, you'll find both nature trails and easily accessible paths, and the North Jutland part of the Hærvejen hiking route takes a leap through Søheden Forest.

Enjoy a packed lunch in nature while relaxing and soaking in the surroundings.

Jyske Ås



Photo:Josh Hild

Pack your sleeping bag and spend the night in one of the shelters on the hill next to the nature school. Here, you can cook over a campfire, and there are plenty of opportunities to see the night sky unfold over the area. There's a fire pit, picnic tables, and toilet facilities at the nature school. Listen to the trees and the many animals living in the forest.

Dag 3

Alpacas and wine tasting

Today's agenda takes place in lovely Brønderslev, so pack up and prepare for the day. The day begins with a visit to Alpacas of Fredly. Here, you can book a Walk'n'Talk with one of the alpacas and enjoy a guided tour in beautiful surroundings, or opt for a cozy farm visit to see where the sweet and funny alpacas live.

Alpacas of Fredly
Photo: Alpacas of Fredly
Alpacas of Fredly
Photo: Alpacas of Fredly

Find a cozy spot in Brønderslev or the surrounding area and enjoy a delicious lunch. It's also possible to book a lunch table among the sweet alpacas and enjoy your packed lunch there.

Finish off your weekend getaway with a visit to Nygårdsminde Vineyard. Meet the winemaker Jan Lunde, who will tell you about "wine made in Vendsyssel" and offer tastings. Take a tour of the scenic surroundings as well.

Nygårdsminde Vingård

Photo:Nygårdsminde Vingård

This is just an outline for your 3-day trip in North Jutland. You can, of course, adjust the activities according to your preferences and the time you have available. Have a great trip!