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Weekend getaway with performing arts in Aalborg

Photo: Kjetill Løite

Welcome to an unforgettable journey in Aalborg - a city filled with unique experiences and charm. We have put together an exciting program that will allow you to explore the city's performing arts scene and enjoy its culinary delights.

Day 1

Skråen and Japanese culinary tradition.

Aalborg offers a plethora of experiences on stage, waiting to dazzle you. We can almost guarantee that you'll be entertained in a way you'll never forget. The city's vibrant cultural scene encompasses everything your heart desires - a symphony of music, theater, stand-up, communal dining, and inspiring lectures.



Experience an unforgettable evening at Skråen. The program is diverse and ever-changing. Here, you can enjoy a wide range of concerts, stand-up performances, and thought-provoking lectures. Find the event that best suits your taste and mood, or step outside your usual comfort zone – you might be surprised!

If food is your passion, Fusion is a gastronomic dream waiting to impress you. Rasmus Palsgård, the acclaimed food critic and owner of the famous food website 'Feinschmeckeren,' was overwhelmed by the restaurant's enchanting charm. He writes the following about the restaurant:" 

Even though it was anticipated that Tabu would be the highlight of the trip – without intending to neglect Tabu – it turned out to be another restaurant that, based on my visit to Aalborg, earns the title of the city's best restaurant.

Restaurant Fusion Aalborg
Photo: Nicolas Cho Meier
Restaurant Fusion Aalborg
Photo: Nicolas Cho Meier

The restaurant beautifully combines Japanese culinary traditions with a touch of lavish luxury. According to the esteemed food critic, Fusion's omakase menu is unparalleled within Danish borders.

After a splendid dinner at Fusion, you can retreat to the elegant Comwell Hvide Hus. Hotel Comwell Hvide Hus Aalborg boasts one of the city's most central locations and offers stunning views of both the city and the park. 

Hotel bed

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Day 2

Musikkens Hus, Aalborg Teater and sublime food.

Start your day at Penny Lane, a fantastic blend featuring its own bakery and pastry shop, unique specialties, and a café with an exciting menu. 

Musikkens Hus, a magnificent concert hall, opens its doors to you with public tours on selected Saturdays and Sundays all year round. The classic tour takes you behind the scenes, where you can experience the magical concert halls, the enchanting foyer overlooking the Limfjord, and the secret backstage areas where artists and technicians prepare for their grand performances. A dedicated guide will share the best stories about the history and architecture of Musikkens Hus, allowing you to immerse yourself in life behind the scenes.

Musikkens Hus

Photo:Visit Aalborg


Photo:Per Bille

Indulge your taste buds at Restaurant Jørn, where lunch is served as a gastronomic experience. In addition to exquisite open sandwiches and classic lunch dishes, you can look forward to a sublime brunch on both weekends and weekdays between 10 am and 2 pm. On Thursdays, you can experience social dining with creative culinary contributions and kitchen experimentation that will pleasantly surprise you.

Food critic Rasmus Krarup Jensen from Connery.dk expresses his enthusiasm and praises the kitchen's dedication to making all elements on the menu play in perfect harmony.

The kitchen reflects craftsmanship, where attention has been dedicated to a select few elements on the menu - but chosen to go all-in to make all aspects play together harmoniously.

For the evening, we recommend a captivating theater performance at Aalborg Theater.

Aalborg Teater
Photo: Allan Toft
Aalborg Teater
Photo: Allan Toft

For an evening of world-class dining, you should visit the acclaimed restaurant Restaurant Fauna. Here, you'll experience fantastic cuisine in a wonderful setting, with a kitchen that knows its craft and a high level of ambition. Food critic Jakob Kanne Bjerregaard awarded Fauna an impressive 6 out of 6 forks in Nordjyske in 2022, which speaks to its sublime quality.

We're in a kitchen that has plenty of strings to play without being flashy.

The day ends with a full stomach and a heart filled with cultural experiences. If you'd like an overnight stay beyond the ordinary, you can conveniently retreat to Mortens Kro Boutique Hotel after enjoying a delicious dinner. There are no standard rooms here, only uniquely decorated suites with their own history and identity.

Mortens Kro suiter

Photo:Mortens Kro

Day 3

Singing trees and AKKC.

Start the day by indulging in a delicious breakfast at the hotel, filling up your energy reserves for the day's adventures.

Step into Kildeparken, located in the heart of the city, and visit the Singing Trees, a unique musical phenomenon created by the Aalborg Congress & Culture Center. The Star Trees are accompanied by the music of the artists, streaming out into Kildeparken when the trees are activated. 

De syngende træer


Right next to Kildeparken is the impressive Aalborg Congress & Culture Center, which offers a wide range of experiences throughout the year. You can look forward to exciting lectures, fantastic concerts, cozy communal dining, and laughter-filled stand-up shows. Take a break from everyday life and immerse yourself in the rich cultural world that the center has to offer. Do yourself the favor of checking out their program so you can enjoy a fantastic performance that will be a memorable conclusion to your stay in Aalborg.


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Tiger i Aalborg Zoo

Photo:Sussi Køber

If you can't find an event that suits you, you can also spend your last day in lovely Aalborg Zoo. Explore Aalborg Zoo and enjoy some unique and "priceless" experiences together in the park, which houses no less than 1,500 animals from 126 different species. Be inspired by the surroundings while learning more about animals, the environment, and the important efforts for conservation.

After 2 days filled with musical experiences, culture, and exceptional gastronomy, you can return to everyday life with replenished energy.

We look forward to welcoming you to North Jutland.