Nordjysk Jernbaner

Go exploring with Nordjyske Jernbaner

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Take the train with Nordjyske Jernbaner and discover the many exciting cities and attractions located along the route. Experience the beautiful nature of Northern Jutland, visit fascinating museums, explore historical churches, and enjoy the charming harbor areas.

Create your own hop-on hop-off tour. Take the train to different stops and enjoy extraordinary experiences. We will guide you to the best attractions along the route, and the best part is that the selected places are located within approximately a 15-minute walk from the station.

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Aalborg st.

In Aalborg, there are many experiences and attractions within a short distance from the station. For example, you can visit Kunsten, a modern art museum and experience center. If you're more interested in history, Aalborg Historiske Museum is worth a visit. There are also ample opportunities for shopping in Aalborg Centrum or taking a Street Art tour.

Aalborg Vestby
Photo: Patrick Bo Elkjær og Sofie Steensen Nielsen

Aalborg Vestby st.

2 min from Aalborg.

In Aalborg Vestby, you'll find a beautiful harborfront where you can indulge in street food and sample cuisine from different cultures at various small stalls. In addition to the street food scene, Vestbyen offers the Kulturbroen (Culture Bridge), which with its iconic red color provides a spectacular view of Limfjorden.

Lindholm Strandpark
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Lindholm st.

5 min from Aalborg

Close to the station, you will find Lindholm Strand Park. The beach park is a lagoon with shallow waters and is now part of the green area that borders Lindholm Brygge, among others. Another nature experience in Lindholm is Urtehaven, an oasis with over 300 different medicinal herbs.

Hedelund Rhododendronpark
Photo: Brønderslev Erhverv

Brønderslev st.

20 min from Aalborg

One of the most well-known attractions in the area is the Rhododendron Park, a beautiful park with an impressive collection of rhododendron bushes and other plants. Brønderslev Church is also worth a visit, as it is an impressive church with a long and rich history. The church is known for its beautiful stained glass mosaic windows and its impressive organ, which is one of the largest in Denmark. Last but not least, you can visit Vildmosemuseet. The museum features a range of exciting exhibitions that showcase how people have lived and worked in the area throughout history.

NT stiger ud
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Vrå st.

27 min from Aalborg

Vrå is a small town with plenty of charm and history. Kunstbygningen Vrå is an impressive example of modern architecture situated in the midst of the North Jutland landscape. The art building is home to the Engelundsamlingen, among other exhibits. Vrå Church is also located within a short distance from the station.


Hjørring St.

35 min from Aalborg

Hjørring is one of the larger cities in Vendsyssel and offers many exciting experiences. One notable attraction is the Vendsyssel Historical Museum, which showcases stories and artifacts that depict the past, present, and future of Vendsyssel. Another museum worth visiting is the Vendsyssel Art Museum. If you're more interested in nature, there is a beautiful park in the center of Hjørring called Svanelunden.

NT tog
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Sindal st.

48 min from Aalborg

In Sindal, you can take a stroll down the small pedestrian street with several local shops. You can also experience Sindal's only brick-built mill, Sindal Mølle, which is a beautiful and well-preserved mill. You can see the sculpture "Tak til Sindal fra Israel" (1977), which was donated as a thank you from the Israeli people to Denmark for their efforts during World War II to help Jews. Sindal Naturlegeplads (Nature Playground) is also worth a visit, both for travelers with and without children. Here, you can get up close to red deer.

NT lokomotivfører
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Tolne st.

55 min from Aalborg

Tolne offers a beautiful nature experience in Tolne Naturpark, where Tolne Bakker (Tolne Hills) is the heart of the nature park. The nature park boasts 200-year-old beech trees, rare birds, insects, and mushrooms. There are also 4 wild Icelandic horses roaming in the forest. There are several marked trails in the woods. In addition to enjoying nature, you can visit the Troldefamilien (Troll Family), which is made of wood and placed around the forest area. There is also a playground and a bonfire area with tables and benches. 

NT kvinde i bus
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Kvissel st.

1 hour from Aalborg

Kvissel is a village located in northern Jutland, Denmark. Despite being a small village, there are still activities to enjoy there. Visit Kvissel Church, which is a beautiful church with a history dating back to the 12th century. In the town, there is also a memorial stone commemorating Denmark's liberation from German occupation. 

Frederikshavn Gågade
Photo: Kjetil Løite

Frederikshavn st.

1 hour 12 min from Aalborg

Frederikshavn has its own unique atmosphere, thanks to its maritime history, picturesque location, and, not least, ferry routes to Sweden, Norway, and Læsø. Frederikshavn Art Museum is a must-see for those interested in art and culture. Another beautiful attraction is Frederikshavn Church.

Krudttårnet (Gunpowder Tower) is also worth a visit. It is an old defensive structure that now serves as a museum and is open to visitors. You can also visit Nordre Skanse (Northern Redoubt), an old defensive fortification where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city and the sea while learning more about Denmark's history. For a relaxing day, you can visit Scandic The Reef, an impressive water park with plenty of water activities and a spa area.

Strandby Havn
Photo: Peter Jørgensen

Strandby st.

1 hour 27 min from Aalborg

In Strandby, a pleasant stroll along the marina is a must, and if you're an early riser, a visit to the fish auction, which takes place early in the morning at the harbor, is recommended. The town offers good and family-friendly sandy beaches, an interesting old town, intriguing churches, and beautiful nature. Strandby Church, designed by architect J. Blegvad from Aalborg, was built in 1965/66. It is constructed with white-washed bricks and has a roof made of black tar paper, shaped like an egg, with the nave and choir seamlessly connected. Many people also believe that the church resembles a fishing boat. Visit Strandby and judge for yourself.

Sne Jerup Egekrat
Photo: Peter Jørgensen

Jerup st.

1 hour 33 min from Aalborg

In Jerup, you'll find Kalmar Rimmer, a protected natural area consisting of distinct ridges (rimmer) and depressions (dopper). Together, they create a unique landscape of hills and valleys, offering a special atmosphere. It is one of the few places in Denmark where you can experience how the landscape looked before the northernmost part of Denmark was populated.

Jerup also boasts a beautiful beach. To the west, you can see the stunning salt marshes that used to be seabed. The salt marshes surrounding Jerup beach are of great importance as they host a unique fauna dependent on the salt influence from the sea. Behind the dunes, you'll find numerous orchids and even the rare butterfly species, Heath Fritillary, can be found in the area.

Ålbæk Havn
Photo: Ålbæk Havn

Ålbæk st.

1 hour 40 min from Aalborg

Ålbæk offers beautiful nature and a charming fishing harbor and marina. On both sides of the cozy harbor, the white sandy beaches stretch as far as the eye can see. The harbor is a popular spot for both tourists and locals to visit, where you can buy fresh fish directly from the fishing boats or enjoy a delicious grill menu at one of the local grill bars.

A bit further from the station, you can also visit Farm Fun, a cozy animal park with a playground, where you can meet all the familiar Danish domestic animals as well as kangaroos, emus, pot-bellied pigs, peacocks, and many others.

Hulsig Hede
Photo: Destination NORD - Frederikshavn

Hulsig St.

1 hour 47 min from Aalborg

Hulsig offers several good camping sites, closely located to the beach and a lovely natural area. One of the highlights is Hulsig Hede, an open dune and heath landscape with small groves of deciduous trees. If you enjoy hiking, you can take a 12 km hike from Hulsig Strand to Skagen town. There are also other great routes in the area, such as the one leading into Hesselholtvej.

Den Tilsandede Kirke i Skagen
Photo: Peter Jørgensen

Frederikshavnsvej st.

1 hour 55 min from Aalborg

At this stop, you are close to Gl. Skagen or Højen, which constitute the western district of Skagen. This area was the original fishing village and is still filled with charming hotels and restaurants for you to explore. One particular attraction you must not miss is the Den Tilsandede Kirke (The Sandburied Church), which you can reach on foot from this stop. The name comes from the fact that the sand drift, which began in the 16th century, gradually made it more and more difficult for the congregation to reach the church during worship services. Today, only the church tower remains, but it is still an impressive sight.

Skagens Museum
Photo: Destination NORD

Skagen st.

1 hour 58 min from Aalborg

In Skagen, the iconic yellow houses, art from the Skagen painters, and great culinary experiences come together. You can combine your shopping trip by the harbor with a well-deserved break and enjoy a freshly caught lunch at one of the many red warehouses.

Skagen is also home to many artists, and their paintings, along with others, can be experienced at the Skagens Museum. For the little ones, the Skagen Teddy Bear Museum is a fun and exciting attraction. Here, you can also see a collection of the popular Skagen teddy bears, which make for a special souvenir from Skagen.