Spring in North Jutland

Photo: Kim Mikael Jensen

Whether you are into art and culture, gastronomic experiences, wonderful walks in the country or family-friendly entertainment, the eastern part of North Jutland has plenty to offer! And Easter is the time when lots of places open their doors to welcome visitors.

Here you can find inspiration for just a few of all the wonderful experiences that Easter in North Jutland has to offer. And don’t forget: The weather in the spring months is notoriously unpredictable, so be sure to dress for the weather forecast if you want to go out to experience the glories of spring.

Remember also that spring is the time for seeing and enjoying the beautiful cherry trees as they put on their fantastic display of pink blossom. We recommend a stroll in Nørresundby Cemetery, just 1 kilometre from Aalborg city centre, where the trees are usually in bloom in April and May. Or take a walk out to Bislev near Nibe, where no less than 180 Japanese cherry trees bloom in this small country village.

Fantastic spring activities in North Jutland

Råbjerg Mile

Go explore the nature in North Jutland

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Find a place to stay

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