Weekend getaway with art and culture in Aalborg

Photo: Diana Aud

Experience Aalborg's abundance of art and cultural offerings on this weekend getaway! Explore architectural gems, immerse yourself in the wondrous universe of modern art, discover the city's colorful street art, delve into maritime history, and journey back to the Viking age.

Day 1

World-class architecture and gourmet cuisine.

Start your journey with a sensory experience at the Utzon Center and let yourself be enchanted by world-class architecture. Jørn Utzon, who built the Utzon Center in Aalborg in 2008, is famous for the Sydney Opera House. He was one of the greatest and most influential architects of the 20th century. Dive into the permanent exhibition about Utzon or one of the other rotating exhibitions about architecture and design, where you'll encounter the world's leading architects and the latest trends.

Utzon center

Photo:Mette Johnsen

Utzon center

Photo:Per Bille

Just a few minutes' walk from the Utzon Center awaits Textur restaurant, where a culinary experience of the highest caliber awaits you. The concept is simple: a menu of eight changing dishes that make the most of the season's best ingredients. Textur emphasizes sustainability and reducing food waste by following the season for local vegetables, fish, and meat.

Food critic Joakim Grundahl from Politiken has been a guest at Textur in Aalborg, where he concludes that he has received world-class food at discount prices. He describes that the food and wine were at an international level at an extremely reasonable price. 


Photo:Kjetil Løite

After an unforgettable evening, you can dream sweetly at Pier 5, an oasis by the waterfront. With its central location and breathtaking views over the Limfjord, you can immerse yourself in luxury and enjoy the tranquility. Pier 5 offers the perfect setting for a good night's sleep, so you're ready to continue your exploration of Aalborg.

Suite på Pier 5 Hotel

Photo:Familien Bühlmann

Day 2

Modern art, street art, and innovative Nordic cuisine.

Start your day with breakfast at the hotel, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Limfjord from the hotel's waterfront. And how about exploring Aalborg on two wheels? The hotel offers complimentary bicycles, which are the perfect way to get around the city - quickly, easily, and with lots of fun. Hop on the bike and take a short 10-minute ride to Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, considered an architectural gem created by the world-renowned Alvar Aalto. Here, you'll encounter a world of world-class modern art that will renew your inspiration and awaken your senses. .

Kunsten og aalborg tårnet

Photo:Destination Nord

Kunsten Museum of Modern Art presents a range of exciting exhibitions exploring various themes and trends within contemporary art. You can be amazed by everything from paintings and sculptures to installations, photography, video, and digital artworks. The museum is also known for promoting artistic experimentation and challenging traditional perceptions of art. As part of your visit, you can enjoy a delicious lunch at Brasseriet in Kunsten..

After soaking up enough inspiration at Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, it's time to discover art in the city streets. Explore the impressive outdoor gallery where Aalborg's street art has flourished in recent years. With over 80 artworks, there are countless visual gems to experience. The guide will point you in the direction of these works, and you can choose the order and extent of your art journey yourself.

Par foran Street Art Nørregade Aalborg
Photo: Destination NORD
Aalborg Street Art
Photo: Kim Michael Jensen

As you stroll around Aalborg's streets, you might easily feel tempted by something sweet. Here, you can make a stop at Fru Søgaard. You can look forward to tasting delicious pastry cakes in all sorts of varieties.

Fru Søgaard

Photo:Kjetill Løite

Exclusive and cozy shopping

You can hardly mention Aalborg without talking about shopping. The department stores Salling and Magasin are a must if you're in "shopping mode" - here you'll find everything your heart desires from lovely "shops within shops", and it's simply a delightful and beautiful experience just to walk around and enjoy the atmosphere in these exclusive department stores. Salling ROOFTOP is also definitely worth a visit. Experience the beautiful 360-degree panoramic view over the city, visit restaurants, café areas, and bars with delicious offerings, or take part in exciting events and concerts. Also, visit the shopping center Friis, located in the city center. Friis spans over 60,000 square meters and has more than 50 shops.

Of course, you haven't experienced "real shopping" in Aalborg if you haven't strolled along the pedestrian streets - the two largest are Algade and Bispensgade, located on the east and west sides of Nytorv - the absolute center of the city.

More shopping? A short drive from the center, you'll find Aalborg Storcenter, which is a magnet for locals. Around seven million customers visit the center every year. Aalborg Storcenter spans 49,000 square meters, has 11 eateries, 61 specialty stores, and Denmark's largest Bilka.

Photo:Kjetil Løite

Photo:Kjetil Løite

The evening brings a culinary experience of world-class proportions at the critically acclaimed and nominated for "Best in North Jutland - Value for Money" restaurant, Mortens Kro. The restaurant's innovative approach to Nordic cuisine and the use of the season's best ingredients create a symphony of flavors and gastronomic delight. Mortens Kro has been praised to the skies by food critics, and it's not without reason. So prepare to be spoiled with exquisite dishes that will awaken your taste buds.

Food critic Christian Kjeldsen gave Mortens Kro no less than 6 out of 6 forks in Nordjyske in 2021.

In a time where "less is more" otherwise prevails in the restaurant industry, it's a truly special experience to indulge in lavishness, absolute flavor, classic culinary artistry, fine wine, and an abundance of nostalgia from yesteryears.

The day ends with a full stomach and a heart filled with artistic inspiration.

Day 3

Submarine adventure, street food, and Viking history.

Breakfast is again served at the hotel, so you can refuel for another day immersed in art and culture. Then hop on your bike and head towards Springeren.

Have you ever wondered how cramped life is aboard a submarine? Today's your chance to find out! Here, you have the opportunity to step inside the 53.9-meter-long submarine Springeren. Explore the other exhibitions that take you through ship models, fishing, and maritime craftsmanship.

And when hunger strikes, you can treat your taste buds at the street food market, where a world of culinary delights awaits. .

But the journey isn't over yet. Take a stroll across the iconic red cultural bridge and visit Nordjyske Museer. Here, Lindholm Høje awaits you with its 700 ancient graves and an atmosphere of historical mystique. Step into the Viking Museum and immerse yourself in the stories of the Vikings' lives and their adventurous past. 

Photo:Lindholm Høje Museet

With the last day of your 3-day trip in Aalborg, it's time to bid farewell to this wonderful city filled with artistic experiences, culinary adventures, and rich cultural heritage. Remember to tailor your itinerary according to your own preferences and any changes in opening hours.

Safe travels!

We look forward to welcoming you to our part of North Jutland.