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Dronninglund - byen ved slottet

Photo: Brønderslev Erhverv

Dronninglund er en by med en ganske særlig historie, der går adskillige århundreder tilbage i tiden. Men det er også en moderne handelsby med et væld af aktiviteter og muligheder. Oplev kunst, kultur, historie og smuk natur i en skøn forening i Dronninglund.

Dronninglund nestles in the eastern Vendsyssel, on the edge of the Dronninglund Forest and only 7 km from one of the best beaches on the east coast at Asaa. It has its very own atmosphere, and a unique history going back centuries. But it’s also a modern town with a wealth of activities and things to offer. Here you can appreciate art, culture, history and stunning scenery in complete harmony.

Close to history

The town gets its name from Queen Charlotte Amalie, who was given Dronninglund Castle in 1690, which was originally a convent. The very same castle now offers romantic getaways, plays host to weddings, large-scale festivities, exhibitions and other events. It’s also possible to enjoy a great meal in royal surroundings in the castle’s Prinsesse Sophie Hedvig restaurant.
Near the hamlet of Dorf, about 8 km north of Dronninglund, is the unique Museum for Forsyning og Bæredygtighed (Supply and Sustainability), housed in the historic and picturesque Dorf Møllegård, with exhibits of windmills, watermills and other varying exhibitions and activities.
At Try, 4 km to the south west, is a cultural history museum, telling the story of the area from prehistoric times to present day.

Art and nature

If you’re interested in more culture, head for the southern edge of Dronninglund Forest, where Dronninglund Kunstcenter (art centre) is located. The centre’s building is reminiscent of the Sydney Opera House, and in the setting of the surrounding scenery, is an unrivalled experience.

At Jyske Ås, with its 961 hectare of mixed forest, getting back to nature is simplicity itself. There’s a wide range of hiking routes for adults and children past relics from the past, such as the Troldsten (Troll Stone), a remnant from the Ice Age. Vendsyssel’s highest point is Knøsen (136 metres), and is also located here in the forest.

Buskers then and now

Sømosen is a high bog lying between the hills in Jyske Ås, and tells an exciting story. Up until the 19th century, the slopes here were home to over 40 families, all of whom were market folk, artists, buskers or musicians. They were attracted by the remoteness of the bog, and lived in primitive huts and holes during the winter. They toured and performed all over the country in the summer. They are bound to have appeared in the nearby village of Hjallerup, where a horse market has been held since 1744. Hjallerup Market is still the biggest horse market in northern Europe, attracting 200,000 guests, 400 horses, 2,000 volunteers and around 6 km of stalls.

Dronninglund has a lot to offer, when it comes to shopping possibilites. The town has everything between speciality stores, clothing boutiques and grocery stores. Sleep over at the castle, Dronninglund Hotel or at one of the several Bed & Breakfast and dine at one of the many restaurants, the town has to offer. Then you'll be ready to explore the many attractions around Dronninglund.

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