Diana Aud og familien foran Penny Lane

Diana's Family Guide to Aalborg

Photo: @diana_aud

The family swung in the treetops high above Aalborg at the Climbing Park, explored the many animals at Aalborg Zoo, enjoyed a delightful overnight stay at Comwell Hvide Hus with bathtub coziness for young and old, and experienced a space rocket at the Utzon Center.

Summer trip with children in Aalborg? Yes! We invited the local family Aud, with mom, dad, 3-year-old Erik, 8-year-old Norma, and 10-year-old Edith, on a weekend getaway to Aalborg. They were given the freedom to choose how to spend the weekend according to the family's preferences.

Cafe Spiret

After a eventful day on the go, the Aud family went in search of a delightful meal. They chose Café Spiret, situated in the heart of one of Aalborg's main thoroughfares, Boulevarden. Whether you're in the mood for filet mignon, a burrito, or a hearty café burger, Café Spiret is a great choice to satisfy and fill the entire family.


I don't think that either we or Erik could have wished for more for his birthday weekend. - Diana Aud

Børn på Sæby havn

Kid-friendly North Jutland

Photo: Kjetil Løite