Kvinde spiser smørrebrød på Hos Henius

Smørrebrød in Aalborg

Photo: Johny Kristensen

When talking about Denmark, one cannot avoid mentioning smørrebrød. Smørrebrød has been a part of most Danes' childhood and can also be found at Danish restaurants. Here, you can see where you can enjoy delicious smørrebrød in Aalborg.

Smørrebrød rullepølse med øl og akvavit på rødternet dug
Photo: Hos Henius

Hos Henius

With traditions, quality, and experiences at the forefront, this restaurant is for you, who desire a delicious piece of traditional Danish open-faced sandwich, served on Royal Copenhagen porcelain, placed on the table with red-checked tablecloths, and accompanied by the spirit of De Danske Spritfabrikker.

Mortens Kro
Photo: Mortens Kro

Mortens Kro

At Mortens Kro, you can expect a taste experience of smørrebrød with a twist when you sit down at the table. Here, modern open-faced sandwiches are served in various variations, but with great respect for the proud Danish smørrebrød traditions.

Smørrebrød fra den bette kro, omringet af rugbrød og asparges
Photo: Den Bette Kro

Den Bette Kro

Is there anything better than being served a delicious piece of Danish smørrebrød made with love? If not, then Den Bette Kro is the perfect place for you. Here, you have the opportunity to sit in the inn or out in their cozy courtyard and enjoy a traditional piece of smørrebrød made completely from scratch.



Smørrebrød fra Lille Nyhavn
Photo: Lille Nyhavn

Lille Nyhavn

With old-fashioned names for the smørrebrød and everything made completely from scratch, Lille Nyhavn invites you in for a cozy dining experience with a focus on homely and family atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy a lavish piece of smørrebrød with a small twist, and if you wish, with a cold beer on the table.