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Bring your dog on holiday to North Jutland

Photo: Mette Johnsen

The family's four-legged friend, is welcome in North Jutland. This applies on the beach, in the forest and the city, as well as on campsites and some holiday homes. As long as you follow the rules - and pick up after the dog - then you and the dog are always welcome!

The people of North Jutland are loves their dogs, and guests with dogs are welcome, both in the cities and nature. In fact, special areas have been created for our four-legged friends – a good example is the dog forests. And if the dog is on a leash, it is always welcome in the nature. In the winter months, you can even let the dog run loose on the beach, as long as it doesn't bother others and you can control it.

If the family is going to Aalborg Zoo or Fårup Sommerland, then the dog is welcome when it is on a leash, and in the city's cafes and restaurants the dog is usually welcome if you choose a table outside and the dog can lie under the table so that it is not a nuisance to others.

The dog forests

In the dog forest, your dog is always welcome and can run around freely, provided that it does not disturb the other dogs and that you can control it. Most of the area's 36 dog parks are fenced, so it is safe to let the dog loose.

The dog forest are very different in size and layout – some are dune plantations or fields, others are regular woods. On the website you can read more about each individual dog forest, its size and layout, and whether there are special, local rules.

Koldkær Skov

See all dog forests in Denmark

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Experience the nature


Photo:Mikkel Heriba

If there's something we have plenty of in North Jutland, it's nature! And regardless of whether you choose marked hiking trails or go out on your own in the forest, one rule applies: Dogs are welcome on a leash! At you can find walking and cycling paths near you.

Take the dog to the beach

If you want to bring your dog to the beach, you must keep an eye out for a blue or white flag on the beach. Blue flag beaches do not allow dogs, while dogs are welcome on white flag beaches. Regardless of whether the beach or coastline has a white flag or not, the dog must always be kept on a leash during the period from 1 April to 30 September. If there is a sign for other periods, you must follow it. In the winter months - and where there are no special rules - the dog can run loose if it does not bother other guest on the beach and if you can control it, says the Nature Conservation Act.

The dog on holiday

Hund med i sommerhus

Photo:Niclas Jessen

Camping with a dog

As a starting point, dogs are welcome at the campsites in eastern North Jutland, and many places have made special facilities for the family's four-legged friend. At you can look up the individual campsites and see their policy regarding dogs.

Holiday home with a dog

You can easily rent a holiday home in North Jutland and bring your dog with you. Both the large rental agencies and private landlords offer holiday homes where dogs are welcome - on the individual websites you will get a quick overview of whether dogs are welcome in the holiday home.

In town with a dog

Café Vi2

Photo:Visit Aalborg

Shopping with the dog

If you are going shopping, it is a good idea to leave the dog at home. Most shops do not allow dogs inside, unless it is a service dog.

On the other hand, you can usually take your dog with you to the market, which often takes place outdoors. Make sure that the dog do not disturb the other visitors, and keep a reasonable distance from places that serve food.

The dog at the restaurant and cafe

As a rule, the dog can not come inside restaurants, cafes and other places where food is served - unless the owner allows it. On the other hand, you are usually very welcome to bring your dog if there is outdoor service at the restaurant/cafe, and your dog can lie under the table so that it does not disturb other guests.

On the website you can look up the city you are visiting - or the restaurant or cafe you want to visit - and here you can see if they allow dogs inside and if you have to book a table first.