Anne Bertram

Anne's Family Guide to North Jutland

Photo: Anne Bertram

The family was in Fårup Sommerland for fun and games with an overnight stay at Hotel Fårup, a trip to Aalborg Zoo, and a visit to Azzurra. You can read about Anne's 48 hours in Children's North Jutland here.

We invited the Bertram family with mom Anne, dad Kim, and sons Kalle and Konrad on a tour around our destination. Anne and her family have moved back to their roots in Løkken after 10 years in Copenhagen. She now lives there with her husband Kim and their two children, Kalle and Konrad.

Kalle's last words before he went to sleep yesterday were how wonderful a day it had been, and it went straight to my heart. - Anne Bertram

Børn på Sæby havn

Kid-friendly North Jutland

Photo: Kjetil Løite