Bangsbo in Frederikshavn - Beautiful Nature and War History

Photo: Peter Joergensen

The Bangsbo area near Frederikshavn is truly special, featuring both wild animals and tranquil bird songs, as well as dark bunkers and colorful flower displays. Here are our tips for hours full of impressions and great stories.

Kystmuseet Bangsbo
Photo: Peter Jørgensen

Kystmuseet Bangsbo

The Bangsbo Museum (Kystmuseet Bangsbo)  activates both the mind, eyes, and energetic little ones. In the exhibition about the occupation, you can learn about the fates of the war and the work of the resistance movement. In the maritime exhibition, you can see the well-preserved Ellingå ship from the year 1163.

In the main building - The White Farm - you step into a true cultural oasis. Here, between the years 1891 and 1909, great painters and writers gathered. The Bangsbo Circle, as they were called, included among others Herman Bang, Gustav Wied, Betty Nansen, and Agnes Henningsen.

Møllehuset i december måned
Photo: Camilla Riis

Restaurant Møllehuset

With the soothing sound of a babbling stream as background music, you can enjoy a satisfying and delightful meal at Restaurant Møllehuset. Here, food is served to please both gourmets and children's appetites. If you're craving fresh, local ingredients, check out the chalkboard menu, where everything is made from scratch, and the berries, herbs, and mushrooms are sourced from the neighboring forest.

Pikkerbakken i Frederikshavn
Photo: Csaba Labancz


If you're looking for a panoramic view of the city, sea, and harbor, head to Pikkerbakken. Here you'll find an architecturally stunning viewing platform that extends over the landscape, offering a breathtaking view of the area, including glimpses of both Sæby and Skagen, and on cloudless days, all the way to Læsø.

At Pikkerbakken, you can also see the King’s Stone, where three Fredericks have had their names engraved: Frederik VIII, Frederik IX, and most recently, King Frederik.

Kystmuseet Bangsbo Fort
Photo: Kystmuseet Bangsbo Fort

Kystmuseet Bangsbo Fort - Bunkermuseum

At the Bangsbo Fort Bunker Museum, you step directly into a concrete-built piece of Danish history. Here, you can see with your own eyes how life was lived and feel the presence of history, as some of the bunkers look like they have just been abandoned. The fort sits atop a hill over 80 meters high and offers an impressive view over the Kattegat.

With fun activities, a cinema, and a children's bunker for the youngest visitors, the Bunker Museum provides plenty for the whole family to talk about. Join one of the guided tours or explore the area on your own.



Bangsbo Dyrepark
Photo: Bangsbo Dyrepark

Bangsbo Dyrepark

44 acres of fenced-off woods and meadows with around 40 free-range fallow, red and sika deer. Particularly interesting in the spring when the animals calve, and in the mating season in autumn.

Bangsbo Botaniske Have
Photo: Destination NORD

Bangsbo Botaniske Have

Botanical garden 17.500 m2.
English-style park, lawns & rhododendrons. Rose garden with 200 historical species. History of imported fruits/berries. Bonsai collection. Sensory/medicinal/herb garden with...