Kystmuseet Bangsbo

The manor house, which in the late 19th century was frequently visited by the country’s leading poets, including Herman Bang and Gustav Wied, is now a museum.

Bangsbo Museum resides on a manor whose oldest buildings date back to the 16th century and are beautifully surrounded by forest, river valley and hills, only two kilometres from the centre of Frederikshavn.

In the manor house, which is surrounded by a moat, visitors can experience the town history, textile exhibits and a one of a kind collection of jewellery made of human hair.

In the stables, a unique ship from Ellingå - dated 1163 - is on display together with a maritime exhibit with figure heads and model ships, an exhibit about the resistance movement in Jutland during the German occupation of Denmark in 1940-45, and - in the 16th century barn - a large collection of horse-drawn carriages.

In connection with the museum lies Bangsbo Botanical Gardens, a herb garden and a deer park with a playground made from nature materials.

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