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National Park Rebild Bakker and Rold Skov

Let one of Denmark's most beautiful nature areas set the mood for your excursion when you host a conference, congress or meeting in Aalborg

Rebild Bakker is a beautiful hilly heath land with an exciting history, located just a 30-minute drive south of Aalborg. Regardless of the season, you are guaranteed a beautiful experience: in the spring everything is blooming, in the summer the heather flowers cover the hills like a purple carpet, in the fall the landscape is filled by beautiful red, brown and yellow colours, and in the winter the landscape is left in the dark or covered by a duvet of snow.

The Nature in the National Park Rebild Bakker

Rebild Bakker is completely unique and offers both high points, beautiful views, springs and creeks. Move your way up the hills and enjoy the experience of being high above the landscape. A fun fact about the hills is that they are actually "fake", created by glacial gorges in the sides of the creeks. On the open fields of Rebild Bakker you can find a variety of vegetation, and throughout the year the hills are covered by heather flowers, crowberries, blueberries, cranberries, juniper berries, beech trees and much more.

From Sønderkol, which is one of the areas' highest points located 102 metres above sea level, there is a spectacular view of Lindenborg Ådal, as well as the unique hills, the many hiking paths and the grazing sheep that are helping maintain the beautiful area. The lime-rich underground has created countless streams where the clearest groundwater leaks out from the chalk in the soil. The many streams have created a beautiful network of watercourses that flow through the beautiful area. On the other side of Lindenborg Ådal you can experience Denmark's most distinctive museum, Thingbæk Kalkminer, which is definitely worth a visit.

The National Park Rebild Bakker is especially known for its 4th of July festivities, where Danes and Danish-Americans celebrate the American independence day at the world's largest, and only, official 4th of July event hosted outside of the US. If you would like to know more about the Danes' emigration to the US and the 4th of July celebration, you should definitely visit Top Karen's house. The area around Rebild Bakker is a very exciting place to visit due to its long nature and culture histories.

Rold Skov

As a part of the National Park Rebild Bakker you can find Rold Skov, which at the size of 80 km2 (or 8.000 acres) is Denmark's largest forest. The forest also has exciting culture and nature histories to tell. These include ancient monuments such as burial mounds from the Bronze Stone Age and the Bronze Age, stories about sinkholes and the robbers from Rold. The robbers ruled Rold Skov and were feared by many, however the robbers you can meet in Rold Skov today are much more friendly. So why not combine your trip to Rold Skov with a sneaky mugging and a visit to the Robbers' Camp?

You can also visit Rold StorKro, which is located as a natural stop on the way. Here you can enjoy a lunch with a beautiful view of Gravlev Ådal.

After a visit to the beautiful area with its spectacular nature and exciting culture history, you will go home with a a lot of new information and experiences.