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Fisker på Limfjorden

Angling in North Jutland

Photo: Enjoy Nordjylland

A holiday in eastern North Jutland can offer almost all types of fishing. Here there is sea, fjord, streams, lakes – and both salt and fresh water. Pack your fishing gear and head to North Jutland, where almost all Danish fish species are within reach.

The opportunity for a wonderful fishing experience at sea can be found all the way up the east coast and in the Limfjord.

Coastal, fjord and pier fishing also has its charm, and all the way up the coast, in the fjords and bays, there are really good fishing spots. If you want to catch sea trout in spring or garfish in early summer, then fjord fishing in the Limfjord is the obvious choice. Fjord fishing in the Limfjord is particularly interesting when it comes to sea trout and garfish. See the many opportunities for coastal, fjord and pier fishing in North Jutland.


Sea, pier and fjord fishing

Photo: Mette Johnsen

The beautiful streams in Northern Jutland are some of the best places to catch sea trout in Denmark and also contain good amount of brook trout.

The lake fishing is varied with pike, perch, zander and trout. See more possible lakes and streams that are good for fishing.


Lake and stream fishing

Photo: Enjoy Nordjylland

Find the place where you want to fish in North Jutland

Lystfisker ved Skagen

Photo:Peter Jørgensen

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