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Thorvald Hansens Tårn

The 17 meter high tower is a landmark for Byrum.

Visit the tower and see the view from the top.

Woodcutter Thorvald Hansen had a small workshop in Byrum. In 1926 he decides to build a tower, and he travels to Skagen to see what such a tower might look like. With a measuring line with a stone, he examines how high it must be to look like something!

At home again, he makes three molds in which he casts stones for the construction. Three in the morning, three in the afternoon and three in the evening. Together with a friend who is a bricklayer, he builds the tower for the next few years until it is 17 meters high - then he is satisfied.

The tower has had changing owners and was gradually rather dilapidated when Jess Jessen-Klixbüll bought the tower in 2018. Now it is very nicely renovated.

The door is open and inside there are good stories about Thorvald and the tower. For a small fee you can go up in the air.