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Street art - Karolinelund

In the city park Karolinelund, niche culture in Aalborg is rapidly evolving. Originally an amusement park, Karolinelund has been transformed into a culture park with an array of events, concerts and more.

In Karolinelund, you can experience beautiful graffiti which testifies to a multifarious city culture. The park is still fenced in by the walls that used to shield roller coasters and shooting booths from the city houses and roads surrounding the amusement park. Karolinelund is within walking distance of Nordkraft and Musikkens Hus.

Additionally, each summer the park is the home of 'Friday Parties', a series of concerts, with prominent artists, which fill the park with a festive atmosphere. The 'Friday Parties' are well-visited by the citizens of Aalborg. On sunny weekdays, the citizens of Aalborg often gather in small groups on the soft grass in Karolinelund.

Joggers also make good use of the park, as it has various challenges for joggers in the form of hills, hedges and benches. These challenges are used to do extra strength training during a run. Skaters hang out by the ramp and the smooth asphalt, which makes it ideal to put on a pair of roller skates or bring a skateboard to the park and scoot along.

The Gardens

The urban gardens in Karolinelund have quickly become popular among citizens of Aalborg. Flowers and vegetables grow in boxes, planters, raised beds and even in a toilet and a bathtub. The only limit is your imagination when it comes to planting a garden. The Gardens of Aalborg are definitely worth a visit.