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Street art - Jeppe K. Jensen - Kastetvej 22B

The street artwork and mural 'Ejnar' was painted by Jeppe K. Jensen and erected on the facade of Aalborg Vestby Train Station. The work depicts Ejnar Søndergaard, a well-known face in Aalborg Vestby.

We hear time and time again about the vandalism that there has been towards the DSB train wagons but this time DSB has given the green light to have its property pleasantly decorated. The artist Jeppe Krogstrup Jensen got in 2013 the idea to immortalize Ejnar Østergaard portrait on the facade of Aalborg Vestby Train Station. Ejnar was often seen in the cityscape and could be recognized for his hat and long hair and beard. Ejnar joined in on the idea and it became this work of art. Ejnar passed away in 2015.

BRFkredit was the leader and contributor to the project in collaboration with the Obleske Family Fund. The work was carried out in collaboration with Banedanmark and Aalborg Construction College.