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Springeren - Marine Experience Center

At Springeren - Maritime Centre, you get to experience the unique life at sea in the Port of Aalborg and Aalborg Shipyards. You can find different activities that the whole family can enjoy together.

Get lost in the exhibitions of more than 600 beautiful model ships, local history and hours of fun! With 15000 sq.m., of which over 2000 sq.m. are inside, you can easily spend hours here.

See models of the RMS Titanic, the story of which we all know, as well as the RMS Carpathia, which was the first ship to arrive at the scene where the Titanic sank and therefore helped countless of the survivors from the lifeboats. The largest sailing ship of its time, the Danish school ship København (Copenhagen), which disappeared without a trace in 1928, is also displayed in the exhibition.

You will no doubt have an amazing experience visiting Springeren – the last Danish constructed and built submarine, which still looks like it did when it was used by the Danish Navy. Take a look through its periscope and see the beautiful surroundings of Limfjorden and Aalborg. Behind Springeren you can climb aboard Søbjørnen – the fastest motor torpedo boat of its time! Look inside the boat hall and see the well-preserved royal boats, including the “Princess dinghy”, which Queen Margrethe 2. sailed together with her sisters when they were children.

Fun for all ages

Climb inside a decompression tank, shoot down hostile vessels in the computer game Farligt Farvand (Dangerous Waters) and compete with your family and friends; who can manoeuvre a ship through Limfjorden with our ship simulator?

In the outdoor area of the centre you can see Aalborg Miniature City. Here, you can see a collection of old houses from Aalborg, dating all the way back to 1870 in the scale 1:10. For the youngest guest we have LEGO to play with, and in our shop you can find a broad selection of maritime souvenirs and toys.

Bring your lunch and prepare for a day filled with maritime wonders and experiences! We look forward to welcoming you! You can find the opening hours on the website.

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Presentation in English

Around the museum, signs and displays are written in English. Brochures, maps and written information in English are provided, and, also, guided tours can be arranged to accomodate English speaking guests.


There is a free parking area for cars and buses near the museum.

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