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Shelter Elling plantation / Frederikshavn

A lovely plantation with a fire cabin and two shelters in the middle of the forest. Elling stream runs right beside it. There is an enclosure for horses and the horse riding route ´Nordvensyssel´ passes by 100 m beside it.

Elling Plantation is one of the biggest forests in the Frederikshavn municipality. Elling plantation is located vest of Mariendalsvej by the town of Elling, along Elling stream. The forest covers approximately 55 hectares from Mariendal Mill to Starbakvej. Along the approx. 4.5 km path, which begins at the parking lot on Mariensdalsvej, you can experience a highly varied forest and nature with both meadows and streams. Elling stream winds through the south side of the forest and the water and forest give a great opportunity for peace and contemplation.
The plantation is owned by Frederikshavn Municipality and the entire area is open to the public. The following rules apply:

  • You are allowed to walk everywhere in the forest – 24 hours a day
  • You are allowed to bike on roads and paths, provided that the path appears suitable for biking with regular bikes. Mountain bikes are also only allowed on roads and paths, even though they are able to bike everywhere
  • You are allowed to light a campfire at the designated fire pit by ´Madpakkehuset´
  • You are allowed to pick nuts, berries, mushrooms, flowers, etc. but only for personal use
  • Dogs must be on a leash
  • Motor vehicles are prohibited