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The marsh Portlandsmosen lies at the western edge of Lille Vildmose. It is Denmark’s largest high moor and covers about 2.220 acres. The area was named after Aalborg Portland, who dug peat in the area.


The demand for peat rose suddenly during the World Wars, where fuel was in short supply. Portlandsmosen carries deep scars from this time, as is evident from the long excavation pits that have now mostly filled with water.

The restauration of Portlandsmosen

The area is, in spite of human interference, known for its unique nature. this unique nature is precisely the reason why the Danish Nature Agency, with owner Aage V. Jensen Naturfond, decided to have the marshlands go through extensive nature restauration.

The restauration relies on, among other things, making the area wetter again. The area was drained to dig up the peat, but nature needs water to thrive. In 2015, moose were reintroduced to the area, which will help restore the high moors to its former glory.

Great nature experiences in Lille Vildmose

In Lille Vildmose, you can explore the unique plant life consisting of several kinds of moss, berries, herbs and flowers. Besides a rich plant life, the moors are also home to several, special animal species, such as the aforementioned moose, as well as several predatory birds like hawks, falcons and the rare golden eagle.

Visiting the Lille Vildmose Center

A visit to Lille Vildmose Center is a golden opportunity for the family. Here, people of any and all ages will get to learn of the nature and wildlife in Lille Vildmose – snap a selfie with a giant moose, fly with the white-tailed eagle in a simulator and explore the large, natural playground next to the center.