Nymarksminde Bed & Breakfast

Nymarksminde is a Bed & Breakfast surrounded by lake, fields, and lovely nature and with only 10 kilometers to the centre of AalborgNymarksminde has a playground as well as roaming pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, horses).

There are 10 lovely apartments, which are rentable year round. During the summer, it is also possible to try a proper, Danish farm holiday (Bondegårdsferie). During a farm holiday, you will be able to get into close contact with normal, Danish farm animals.

Nymarksminde Farmpark

Nymarksminde is more widely known as Nymarksminde Farmpark, which is why you can get up close and personal with farm animals at the Bed & Breakfast. You and your children can both pet and feed a variety of farm animals, as well as play on the playground.


All apartments are equipped with own entrance, kitchen and bathroom. Breakfast can be purchased as an add-on. All Nymarksminde Bed & Breakfast guests have access to the activities in Nymarksminde, such as the Farmpark, football-golf and swimming pool.

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