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Nørregade in Aalborg

After a massive renovation, Nørregade is ready to welcome shoppers once again. The freshly laid paving stones provide the street with a breath of fresh air amongst the old houses and crooked windows.

Nørregade offers shopping for every taste, culinary experiences and new cultural initiatives. When you first enter the street from Løkkegade/Østerbro, the eye immediately catches one of many pieces of street art in Aalborg. Take a break on the café Good Life Society that welcomes you with freshly brewed coffee in “grandma’s living room” with big soft furniture and an abundance of cakes and pastries. After passing this café, you will meet one of the many specialty shops, De 4 Årstider, that offers everything from gastronomic supplies to interior design in all colors and shapes. Besides this, you will find the unique Glaspusteriet (Glass art) Lene Højlund, which might interest the art enthusiast. On Nørregade you can also find Baco, a café that serves everything for 25 kr. 

Shopping for everyone

Bahne that specializes in fashion wear, as well as Hr & Fru B that also offers a line of women’s fashion can bring up the “shopping gene” in every woman. If the need for luxury fashion wear arises, you should pay a visit to Filuca V that amongst others includes labels such as Stella McCartney and Isabel Marant. For the mothers-to-be and families with toddlers, the shop Skruuk welcomes you into a children’s universe with Nordic-inspired designs and high quality. Soon Magasin is ready with a new department in Aalborg as part of the shopping center FRIIS, which has an entrance at Nørregade.   

Electronics and designs for the men

Besides the exquisite selection within arts, fashion and gastronomy that primarily address the female audience, Nørregade does not neglect the male visitors. Hope exists for the many men that patiently await next to the fitting rooms with an armful of bags from the treasures of Nørregade, as the street also found space for a line of electronics in the shop Lydspecialisten. This might be of bigger interest to men. In addition, the young male visitors can find entertainment in the street at the shop called Aalborg Hobby Service, which offers all kinds of different gear such as model planes, remote controlled boats, funny kites and other creative gears for kids. 

The well-known street – now in new clothing

The new street thus encourages everybody to explore the many shops by emphasizing quality and bringing together old and new. With a mix of guests of all ages, genders and nationalities, a special kind of atmosphere is created in the newly renovated street – it welcomes everybody. Small trees planted in different spots create a small oasis for the guests to enjoy. It seems that Aalborg has an interest in preserving the old soul of the streets in the city, as signs inform the visitors that Nørregade is a street maintained from the medieval times.