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Nordkraft is a fundamental symbol of Aalborg’s great transformation from an industrial city with large concrete buildings, high chimneys and heavy smoke, to a visionary city of knowledge with a broad cultural scene

The former coal power plant that has provided electricity to the citizens of Aalborg since 1947 has been transformed into a cultural mecca with a diverse mix of life, culture, sports and leisure, all while respecting the power plant’s original appearance and atmosphere.

There are many opportunities to host an event in the raw, historical and unique setting of Nordkraft. For example, you can host a reception in the large boiler room where the raw walls act as a beautiful and historical framework for an alternative meeting space. Here the old gigantic coal funnels still hang in the ceiling as a reminder of the building’s former function. You can also host an informal gathering where you can network and explore Nordkraft and its excitinig history together. Remember to take a trip to the 13th floor, where there is an exhibition about Nordkraft’s history and its transformation. From here, you can also enjoy an extraordinary panoramic view of the city.

Capacity: up to 700+ people