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Harbour Festival in Østerby

Every Friday and Saturday in week 28, Østerby Sports Club holds its annual harbour festival at Østerby Harbour, where holidaymakers and residents of Læsø meet for two days filled with lots of activities, entertainment for the whole family, coziness, food, and drinks - and of course, all in a festive atmosphere. It is also important that the proceeds go to Østerby Sports Club and, among other things, the work with the club's youth!

Harbour festival in Østerby, where holidaymakers and Læsø residents meet on Friday and Saturday and enjoy Friday bingo, fish auction, herring table, and barbecue evening.

The program for 2024 is now ready and posted on Facebook - see it here:

There is a raffle with great prizes, a huge bouncy castle area, and other activities for children. Both days feature non-stop music and other entertainment, as well as a wide selection of food and drinks.

Buffet with all the best from the sea and other places...

Havefesten i Østerby er arrangeret af Østerby Sportsforening

Over the two days of the Harbour Festival, dining is an important aspect, and one of the main attractions is the large buffet on Saturday evening with everything your heart desires.

A crowded harbour

Havefesten i Østerby er arrangeret af Østerby Sportsforening

Whether it's Ascension Day, Pentecost, summer holidays, or a festival, one thing is certain: if the weather is good, the harbour is full, especially during the established traditions on the calendar. Vesterø has its Kajfest, attracting many from Jutland, and Østerby has Ascension Day and, not least, the Harbour Festival, drawing many sailors from Denmark, Sweden, and other countries. When the summer weather hits, the boats are lined up, and there is coziness both on board, at the local eateries, and in the harbour's fine facilities.

Fish auction

Havefesten i Østerby er arrangeret af Østerby Sportsforening

One of the festival's main attractions is the fish auction, where the day's catch from the local cutters is sold under the supervision and expert guidance of an experienced auctioneer. In the picture, it's Gai Rulle, who a few years ago was the man with the gavel. And one thing is certain; buyers are guaranteed top-notch, super-fresh quality, and no matter how high the bids go, they are still far below city prices – and everything is much fresher!

The volunteers' masterpiece

Havefesten i Østerby er arrangeret af Østerby Sportsforening

Læsø is the island of volunteerism. Here, there is a dedicated corps of volunteers who always step up when there is work to be done – from baking cakes, setting up tents, serving food, peeling langoustines, cleaning up, and all the other tasks that contribute to the success of the festival for the guests – and not least, generating a profit that is well-spent; namely in the coffers of the Østerby Sports Club, where, among other things, the club's extensive youth work benefits from the money.

The Harbour Festival in Østerby benefits from a long-standing tradition among both the island's regular corps of volunteers and many young people, both locals and those who have moved away, along with their friends, who show up every year to lend a hand. The thanks are an after-party and, above all, the pleasure of being part of a team and a community. So when you celebrate and enjoy Østerby Harbour Festival, remember; it brings joy to many others besides yourself. Thank you for that!