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FunCenter Aalborg

Whether you are planning a birthday party, a family trip, a bachelor/bachelorette party, a school party, a team-building exercise or a Christmas party for your firm, or even if you are just a bunch of friends looking for some fun, Funcenter is the place to be!

Funcenter offers both outdoor and indoor entertainment activities for groups of almost all ages, such as laser games, paintball, escape rooms and much more. Funcenter is ready to entertain you, and it's located near central Aalborg and easily reached by car.

Four big event halls with over 25 activities

The four big event halls offers more than 25 original and various activities, such as Bubble Soccer, Hamster Ball, Wipe Out, Basket Battle, Toilet Race, Bow Battle, Human Football Table, Rodeo Bull and much more, and here you can, of course, custom make your program, so it matches your wishes completely. In other words, Funcenter has activities that can suit your needs and intensity level, and the people there are ready to guide you to the perfect arrangement. It is a 2400m2 event center with a lot of opportunities!

In regards to all the activities, the great instructors are always ready to help and guide you through your visit, and to make sure that it becomes a brilliant experience.

Paintball and Lasergame

You can also try an intense round of Paintball or Lasergame on the big indoor field with old cars and cool cover locations! Here they offer a number of fun game setups which will guaranteed leave you breathless

Escape Rooms

In FunCenter you can choose between 6 different escape rooms; The Prison, The Murderer, The Bunker, The Submarine, The Jungle and The Box. The escape rooms are the perfect choice if you really want some teamwork-building. In this, you have 60 minutes to solve a long list of tasks and riddles, and only in use of great teamwork and creative thinking, you can solve the rooms. In The Prison you need to escape before the guard wakes up. In The Murderer you need to find the serial killer, who has terrorised Aalborg, before he escapes. In The Bunker you need to stop a bomb before it explodes. In the Submarine you need to find a way out before it's too late. In The Jungle you need to find an antivirus and your location coordinates so we can find and rescue you, and in The Box you need to find the philosopher's stone to ensure eternal life. There are a lot of possibilities, but the choice is yours.

Café area

The café area serves a variety of drinks and snacks such as soda, beer, breezers, chips and candy. Furthermore, it is possible to order food for the arrangement, and you are also welcome to bring your own food. You are now allowed to bring your own drinks, but there are fair and cheap prices in the bar. It is also free to reserve a table in the bar area as a part of your visit. 

The center also offers the opportunity to wash yourselves in their shower facilities and changing rooms, which you can use for free.

FunCenter is open when you book in advance and can be contacted all weekdays between 9am - 8 pm and in the weekends from 9am - 5 pm.


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