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Dokkedal Church

Each church has its own story, its own history. The church in Dokkedal is no different, and stands out because of its age, design, and, especially, its community that stood together to realize its dream.


Dokkedal Church was built in 1964 as the result of great, local support. The churches are part of the cultural heritage of Lille Vildmose, and Dokkedal Church is one of 10 churches in the area. This church is special, though, being one of very few village churches built after the Industrial Revolution.

From the beginning of the 1800s, the area surrounding Dokkedal was without a church, which was quite the issue at the time. The bishop of the Aalborg diocese declared during the late 1800s that sermons were to be held in the local school until a church could be built.

The church they worked and wished for

A Danish saying goes that “you can’t swing a dead cat in Denmark without hitting a church”, but Dokkedal is a special case, where the citizens decided to band together, so they could finance and build the church themselves during the late 1960s.

As such, from its creation, and even past its 25th anniversary in 1990, the Dokkedal Church is a church by the people, for the people. It is more than a temple or an institution, it is a place of camaraderie and community.