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DGI-Huset Nordkraft


DGI-Huset is located in Nordkraft and is Aalborg’s most exciting and modern mecca for culture and sports. At DGI-Huset, sport and exercise is approached in new innovative ways for people of all ages.

DGI-Huset offers excellent training facilities for individual training or training with a group and coach.

Sport and exercise at DGI-Huset

Everyone – regardless of person, occupation, or age – is welcome to participate in the many activities in DGI-Huset. Try everything from badminton to fitness, climbing, zumba, family activities, and much more.

Buy a monthly subscription or use the special offer Clip’n’Fit: Here you don’t have to pay every month - instead you use a pre-payed voucher for every visit. The center is equipped with the newest machines and gives you plenty of opportunities to put together your personal training program – on your own or with help from the skilled instructors.

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