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Copenhagen AirTaxi

The fastest way between Copenhagen and Læsø. Fly between the Danish islands and save at least 10 hours compared to any other type of transport. Enjoy the sights, and experience Denmark from above!

We operate up to 42 flights per week. Some flights include a 10-minute stop on the scenic island of Anholt, making our flight services perfect for island hopping!

Læsø Airport is located on the center of the island. Here you can rent a car – perfect for discovering the island.


  • Fly between Roskilde and Læsø and save at least 10 hours of transport
  • We offer year-round flights
  • Free parking at airports in Læsø, Anholt and Roskilde


Flying with discount

Groups and families can use our discount voucher - pay for 10 flights and get a free flight.
Example: 6 persons flying Roskilde – Læsø and back (equivalent to 12 flights), can get one of the flights for free.

Please contact our customer service for more information.