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The Cold War Museum REGAN Vest

REGAN Vest, hidden 60 meters beneath a chalk hill, was built in secret in the 1960s. The bunker remains untouched and is fully furnished with all original interiors intact.

The museum, which is part of the Nordjyske Museer (The Historical Museum of Northern Jutland), offers several different experiences in addition to the main attraction itself: the nuclear-safe bunker, which was built in secret in Rold Skov in the years 1962-68. Buy tickets to the Cold War Museum REGAN Vest.

The Bunker

It is not a military facility, but the bunker was supposed to house the government, officials and the incumbent regent in the event of a nuclear war. It was from here that Denmark had to be led through a crisis situation. The bunker was the last bastion, and if REGAN Vest fell, so did Denmark - and with it Danish democracy.

The bunker stands untouched today and is fully furnished with all the original interiors, and when the museum opens in early 2023, it will be available for guided tours.

The Engineer Villa

The entrance to the bunker itself is hidden among the trees of the forest, but in front of it and facing the road is a yellow brick villa, which also helped to hide the bunker's entrance. The Master Engineer lived here with his family. It was he who had the daily supervision of the bunker.

The villa is decorated as it might have looked in 1980, when a family with father, mother and two children lived there. As part of the museum experience, you can explore their homes yourself, and on interactive screens you can hear individual family members talk about their daily lives during the Cold War.

The Exhibition Building

In addition to the bunker and the yellow villa, the Cold War Museum REGAN Vest also consists of a newly built welcome and exhibition building, where you will find an exhibition that tells about the Cold War, Danish preparedness in crisis situations and about the bunker's construction.

Finally, the public will be able to walk along new paths on the chalk hill above the bunker facilities. A tour that gives a good sense of the size and function of the bunker. You can already join guided walks in the area, including a glimpse of the distinctive entrance tunnel to the bunker.

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