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City Syd in Aalborg

In Aalborg's large shopping area City Syd, there are more than 100 diverse shops, as well as cosy restaurants. This shopping destination is perfect for someone who wishes no restrictions during their trip.

Only 7 km (or 4 miles) south of Aalborg Centrum, is City Syd (City South), which is one of the locals go-to places when it comes to shopping, as here you will find everything you need in one district. Whether it is equipment for your yard, party clothes for the wedding, or everyday little treats, everything can be found in the myriad of shops. The trip there can easily be taken by bike, by car or by one of the many direct buses. If you choose to take the car, there are approx. 4,500 free parking spaces throughout City Syd. You can, therefore, get to and from there in ease.

Many of the smaller shops, such as clothing stores, opticians, beauty care retailers and toy stores, can be found in North Jutland's largest shopping centre; Aalborg Storcenter, where Bilka Skalborg is also located. Right next to the centre you can find Shoppen, which among other things houses one of Aalborg's two Nordiske Cinemas, and if you go a little further South, you can also explore IKEA.

Do not shop on an empty stomach

In City Syd, there is no need to shop on an empty stomach, because if you get hungry or if you're looking for a snack, you are not far from restaurants, fast food chains and cafes. There are plenty of options to cure your type of hunger or craving. Here you can stop up before your shopping trip, during or after. Enjoy a delicious lunch before going home, or combine a dinner and a cinema trip for an afternoon well spent.