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The most beautiful gems of the Kattegat coast

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Get acquainted with the "hidden gems" along the Kattegat coast in North Jutland - here you will find some of the coziest and most beautiful beach experiences that you and your family could wish for.

Nothing tastes more like summer than sun, beach, and bathing. And if you come to North Jutland, you can be sure to find plenty of these three ingredients. Most people know the "famous" beaches and resorts on North Jutland's west coast, such as Løkken and Blokhus. Perhaps less known are the gems of the Kattegat coast, which are perfect destinations for those who appreciate a slightly quieter and cozier pace - whether you come as friends, couples, or families with children.

Stranden ved Sæby

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Seven amazing beach towns 

The coastline along North Jutland's east coast is approximately 100 kilometers long in a straight line - from north to south. Along this stretch, there are, of course, plenty of opportunities to find a little beach gem, but here is an overview of the destinations that offer a bit more in the form of a small (or larger) seaside resort, where you can find good accommodation, perhaps do some shopping, and enjoy delicious food and drinks.

We start furthest north and move at a comfortable pace southward along the Kattegat coast - making stops at the fantastic coastal gems we encounter along the way...


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Sønderstrand in Skagen

At the very top of North Jutland - and Denmark - you will find Sønderstrand, a beach close to the town of Skagen and within walking distance from the city center. It was on this beach that the Skagen painters found inspiration for many of their famous artworks, using the fantastic light. The beach is car-free, making it very suitable for families with children, and several paths lead through the low dunes down to the beach, making it accessible for wheelchairs and strollers as well.

Ålbæk beach

Ålbæk, located approximately 20 kilometers south of Skagen, is also known as the "Village of Light" - a charming little town where you can stay and enjoy the beach. The nature in the area is quite unique, and the beach stretches both north and south of the charming marina. The beautiful white sandy beaches and clear blue water create the perfect setting for an extremely child-friendly beach experience.

Strandby beach

Approximately 15 kilometers south of Ålbæk, we find the charming Strandby. The lovely and child-friendly beach is located on both sides of Strandby Harbor. The beach on the south side is protected, and before the water gets too deep, you can go about 50 meters out, creating an incredibly rich wildlife on the beach. Behind the dunes, there is a nice hiking trail where you can go exploring if you want a little break from beach activities.

Both beaches in Strandby are also blessed with beautiful, tall dunes, offering a view of the Hirsholmene island group.

Palmestranden i Frederikshavn

Photo:Csaba Labancz

The Palmbeach in Frederikshavn

If you love the atmosphere of the Mediterranean, you've come to the right place in Frederikshavn. This charming city offers everything your heart desires in terms of shopping, restaurants, and accommodation, and it also boasts a city beach called Palmestranden. Here, both children, young adults, and adults can enjoy themselves with beach volleyball, beach yoga, grilling, and various other activities - all taking place "under" the 90 palm trees that are placed on the beach, creating a truly unique atmosphere.

Sæby beach

Sæby is perhaps the most picturesque town on the Kattegat coast, and it's fortunate that the town also offers a very lovely and beautiful town beach. The beach is located in close proximity to the harbor area in Sæby, where you can experience the nearly seven-meter-high statue, "The Lady from the Sea." From the harbor area, a wooden bridge leads you to the child-friendly and popular beach, stretching far up towards Hedebo Strandcamping.

If you need a break from the sun and the beach, Sæby offers everything you could wish for in terms of Danish idyll and charm, with many opportunities for shopping, dining, and relaxation.

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Vesterø on Læsø

Are you ready for a little island-hopping trip? Læsø is the loveliest "wish-island," located in the Kattegat, just a short ferry ride from Frederikshavn. This charming island is a true treasure trove of experiences and also offers delightful beach experiences for the whole family. Læsø has a coastline of approximately 100 kilometers, and no less than 25 of these kilometers offer great beaches. Most of them are located on the west-facing coast and parts of the north coast. One of the most popular beaches is the one in Vesterø, where the water is shallow and warm, allowing children to swim and play freely without worrying about high waves and currents.

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Bisnap beach by Hals and Hou

We have now reached the southernmost point of our journey along the Kattegat coast and are approaching the entrance to the Limfjord. In this area, we find the cozy holiday towns of Hou and Hals, and in close proximity is Bisnap Beach, which has received several accolades for its excellence. It has previously been voted "Denmark's best beach."

Bisnap Beach offers lovely white sand, small lagoons, and islets where you can sunbathe. The beach is very child-friendly and shallow, and the coastline from Hou to Bisnap is actually six kilometers long. In other words, it's not difficult to find your own little private oasis.

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Fun at the beaches at the Kattegat Coast

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