Hidden treasures in the middle of Aalborg

Photo: Frederik Sørensen

Discover Aalborg's hidden treasures – from secret oases in the heart of the city to enchanting gems waiting to reveal their stories. Join us on a journey through the lesser-known but unforgettable corners of Aalborg.


In the heart of Aalborg, you'll find Hjelmerstald – a street steeped in nostalgia, hollyhocks, and half-timbered houses from the 17th century. Here, you'll also find art and culture – especially at Lange Kunsthåndværk, owned and operated by the same family for three generations. Explore the workshop, gallery, and sculpture garden, where glass ceramics are made and exhibited, and finish with a visit to the shop, where you can take home your own piece of artisanal craftwork


At Alleys, all the classic Asian street food favorites are gathered in one place. The menu offers dishes from Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan. For example, you can order the special Alleys salad with fish sauce – and complete the dining experience with a cocktail with an Asian twist.

Kildeparken i Aalborg

Photo:Enjoy Nordjylland


Kildeparken is known for the Singing Trees planted by major artists like Elton John, Beyoncé, and many others. Press the button by the tree and listen to beautiful music – an experience you won't find anywhere else but in Aalborg.


The small cluster of fisherman's houses, built in the 1930s, can't help but put you in a good mood. So take a leisurely stroll through Fjordbyen and enjoy the sight of the colorful palette of fisherman's homes (nowadays allotment houses), and stop by the Cultural Center to have a chat with one of the locals over a beer.

Gita & Gunhild, Fru Ronne, and Chaacha

If you're into specialty shops, you should visit Gravensgade – the least known of Aalborg's pedestrian streets. Also, make your way to the corner of Hasserisgade and Borgmestervænget, where you'll find Gita & Gunhild – a secondhand store with luxurious designer brands. And if you enjoy a good cup of coffee, explore Fru Ronne, where you can also indulge in their handmade cream puffs. Round off the day with social dining, delicious cocktails, and a taste of India at ChaaCha in Reberbansgade.

Vestre Fjordpark

If you're in Aalborg during the summer, you should definitely visit Vestre Fjordpark and take a dip in the various pools of the fjord bath. The brave can take the plunge from the diving tower, while the little ones can splash around in the water playground. There are changing rooms, toilets, and the option to rent SUP boards. After a refreshing swim, it's time for lunch and ice cream at Café Salt.

Photo: Frederik Sørensen
Photo: Visit Aalborg


If you need a break after a walk along the waterfront at Østre Havn, you should visit Stjernepladsen. Check out Leben - a café serving everything from sandwiches to dinner. If tapas is calling your name, try Pingvin, offering small dishes from around the world. Nobody regrets a homemade ice cream from IsVærftet, and if you're a bit of a cheese connoisseur, Risskov Ost is a must.

Buens Bogcafé

Buens Book Café is Denmark's first LGBT+ book café. Find a cozy spot, order a warm cup of coffee or cocoa, and immerse yourself in the selection of exciting titles from both home and abroad.


If you need a boost of energy, you should visit Nordkraft – a cultural hub in a brick building that exudes raw New Yorker architecture. The doors are open – almost around the clock – and you can participate in cultural events and sports events. If you swing by Kunsthal Nord, you have free access to Danish and international visual art, crafts, and design. Satisfy your hunger at Restaurant Azzurra with authentic Italian food – ranging from risotto to award-winning pizza.

Butik Gejst

If you steer clear of everything mainstream, then explore the interior store Butik Gejst. Here, they have a carefully curated selection of specially designed interior items, handcrafted ceramics, and cool secondhand clothing. In the store's small café, you can order both drinks and snacks.