At the top of Denmark you will find the charming town, Skagen, which is known for its characteristic yellow houses, famous painters, the special light, and last but not least, "Grenen"

Grenen (the branch) is the very top of Denmark, and the place where you can experience the rare natural phenomenon of the two oceans, Skagerrak and Kattegat, meeting. 

With a trip to Skagen, you are given the golden opportunity to do some networking in an informal atmosphere, as well as to experience a number of adventures surrounded by the unique nature of the top of Jutland.Northern Denmark.

You could, for example, take a trip to Grenen, where waiters dressed in white are waiting with champagne and strawberries for you to enjoy before you roll up you pants and try the fascinating experience of standing with one foot in each ocean.

At Skagen's Museum you can experience the unique Skagen light and nature, both of which have been beautifully recreated by the many "Skagen painters", for example Krøyer, Ancher and Drachmann.

Skagen's Museum offers a unique frame for, for example, exclusive receptions where you are spoiled in the very living room where the Skagen painters originally dined and lived the special artist life that Skagen was known for.

At the Skagen Odde Nature Centre, which was designed by the world-renowned artist from Aalborg, Jørn Utzon, you can experience Utzon's amazing awareness of light in a number of different rooms, all of which can be used for smaller conferences, kick-off events or untraditional get-togethers. 

At Skagen's harbour you can find the legendary red fishing warehouses designed by Thorvald Bindesbøll. During the summer, there is a completely unique atmosphere at the harbour, and it is possible to enjoy a number of delicious dishes, consisting of fresh fish and seafood which has been caught in the surrounding oceans.

Additionally, Skagen offers a variety of gourmet experiences and is home to many restaurants that are closing in on Michelin stars, while other have been mentioned in the White Guide - the leading restaurant guide in the North.

The different experiences and possibilities mentioned above are only a few of the ways in which you can experience a unique trip to Skagen.

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