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Skagen Fiskerestaurant Budolfi Plads

At Budolfi Plads in the heart of Aalborg is Skagen Fiskerestaurant, known from the legendary fish warehouses in Skagen. Historically, we are close to Budolfi church and the immediate surroundings trace back to medieval Aalborg.

Historically speaking, Aalborg's cradle is to be found around Budolfi church and the nearby surroundings, which have roots back to medieval Aalborg. The wonderful new premises in the heart of aalborg as well as the atmosphere from Skagen is brought to Aalborg, so that the guests get the same good personal service as in Skagen. Here, too, the sea table is the central element of our menu. We only use the best ingredients from the sea around Skagen. Selected suppliers ensure that we receive the fresh fish shortly after it has been landed.

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