Munk's bikerental

In the centre of Aalborg, between Nordkraft and Aalborg's pedestrian streets, you can find the bicycle shop Munk’s eftf. where you can rent bikes for your next holiday, weekend trip, or day trip, in northern Jutland.

If you are looking for a bike that can get you from A to B with no problems, a bike which you can rent for as long as you, then Munk's bike rentals is the place to go. Munk's bike rentals provide robust bikes that are perfect for a trip around the city as well as a trip to the country-side. It is also possible to rent bike bags that will fit on your bike which allows for comfortable storage of your gear for your trip. Located on Løkkegade, it is easy to get to Munk's bike rentals whether you arrive by car, bus or are walking from the train station.

Recommendations for cycling experiences

In Aalborg, by the coast and by the fjord there are many wonderful experiences and possibilities for you to discover the beautiful areas by bike as there are various different bike routes that can get you far. Following the bike route – Aalborg you can pass the stunning Østerådalen down to the maria and get close to Lindholm Kridtgrav. If you instead choose to follow the 610 km Limfjord cycling route, you can experience the old market town of Nibe and the beautiful nature at Sebbersund and Halkær Bredning.

If you are going on a long bike ride and are looking for alternative accommodation, there are beautiful and scenic campsites and shelters in forests areas and by the water. If you wish to stay at a little bit more comfortable and cosy setting, then an overnight stay at a Bed & Breakfast is highly recommended.

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