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In the harsh nature of the edge of the North Sea lies Lønstrup - a small fishing village that has maintained its authentic charm and identity

In Lønstrup, arts and crafts thrive, as many artistic souls have settled in the city due to its unique light and the surrounding wild nature, both of which are a perpetual source of inspiration and creativity.

Go for a stroll in the lively city where you can experience the creation of art in the artists' workshops and experience the harsh nature on the edge of the North Sea.

At Lønstrup Klint, which spreads from Lønstrup in the north to Løkken in the south, there used to be a church, Mårup Church, which was a small iconic medieval church from the 13th century. Over the past 300 years, however, the North Sea has eaten so much of the cliff that the church was in danger of crashing into the sea, and so it was decided that it should be taken down and re-construction further away from the coast. However, it never happened.

Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, which was built in 1899 at the highest point of Lønstrup Klint, Rubjerg Knude, is also affected by the forces of nature. Just a few years after the construction of the 23 metre tall lighthouse, the issues with drifting sand started, forming a dune between the lighthouse and the sea. In an attempt to keep the sand from building up, mare straws were planted on the dune, however this only resulted in the accumulation of even more sand. This meant that, at times, it was impossible to see or hear the lighthouse from the sea. At the same time, the water had been slowly eating the cliff, meaning the lighthouse ws in danger of falling into the sea. Hence, it was decided that the lighthouse ought to be moved 80 metres away from the coast, so that it can continue to be a popular excursion destination and tourist magnet for many years to come.

Rubjerg Knude and Lønstrup Klint are protected as an international conservation area.

Restaurant Villa Vest, a world-class gourmet restaurant, is located on the edge of the roaring North Sea. Here you can enjoy delicious dishes, which are praised each year in the Nordic culinary guide, the White Guide, while enjoying the view of the sun setting over the sea.