Enjoy Nordjylland

Voergaard Slot (Voergaard Castle)

Experience a medieval atmosphere in the authentic surroundings located behind the walls of Voergaard Slot. By hosting a reception of conference dinner at Voergaard Slot, you are guaranteed a different kind of experience

Ridehallen (the Riding Hall) at Voergaard Castle is a charming and authentic place to host larger events, such as fairs, exhibitions, concerts, conferences, conference dinners and receptions. The Riding Hall can accommodate 550 guests seated in rows or 400 guests seated at tables. The room can be furnished to meet your wishes and ideas about your event, for example by bringing in kitchen work stations and toilets. You can always combine your event with an exclusive tour around Voergaard Castle.

At the castle, you can explore Denmark’s largest private art collection, featuring unique treasures from Louis XIV, Louis XVI, Marie-Antionette’s personal collection and works from Rubens and Raphael. The castle is home to ghost stories, scary dungeons and fantastic furniture and paintings.

An experience in beautiful settings

With an event in the Riding Hall, you can feel the history and greatness of Voergaard Castle. You will have a unique experience in the beautiful surroundings.

The Riding Hall is available for events at all levels and in many price intervals. Contact us and figure out if the Riding Hall at Voergaard Castle is going to be the venue for your next event. Experience the medieval atmosphere in authentic surroundings behind Voergaard Castle’s fortified walls. The oldest part of the castle can be dated back to 1481, but the building has been well maintained and still stands strong, surrounded by a moat and the beautiful nature of Northern Denmark.


Voergaard Castle is located close to the city of Flauenskjold, just a 30-minute drive north of Aalborg, which is the perfect location for conference guests who would like to experience a unique reception or conference dinner, heavily influenced by the history of Denmark.