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Jomfru Ane Park

Jomfru Ane Park is situated on Aalborg’s waterfront close to the shopping streets and the harbor pool. It is divided into two areas with different sub-areas that offer different kinds of entertainment.

The western side of the park consists of a pavement area where visitors can play football, basketball and much more. The new café offers outdoor serving and there is a playground for the youngest kids. The eastern side of the park focuses more on recreation. Here you can find a small city garden with different plant and trees. It is also on this side that you can find the sunbathing area.

Aalborg harbor pool

In 2011, a new outdoor harbor pool opened next to the park. Here you can take a swim in the summertime. There are changing facilities and a sauna next to the pool. There are small basins for children and a bigger basin for adults and exercise swimmers as well as a diving tower.

The waterfront and Jomfru Ane Park are thought of as a collective whole. You can also see this in the chosen materials and the special light that the architects used.