Home Alone in Concert

This Christmas consider swapping out the television at home with a cinema screen and experience the Christmas classic ‘Home Alone’ with live music played by Aalborg Symphony Orchestra at Musikkens Hus.

Throughout the month of December, The House of Music (Musikkens Hus) invites you to several fantastic Christmas experiences for both children and adults, one of these is the 'Home Alone in Concert'. On December 3rd, you can look forward to experiencing the humorous Christmas classic 'Home Alone' with extra Christmas magic when the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra performs the films music score live.

This year marks 30 years since the film first hit cinemas, and since then it has become one of the most iconic Christmas classics which is a must-see for many people over Christmas. The film follows the little boy Kevin McCallister who has been forgotten by his parent and who throughout the movies has to fight of incompetent burglars. So grab your tickets now and experience a funny and wholesome Christmas movie with live music by the talented Aalborg Symphony Orchestra.

Information regarding Covid-19

Musikkens Hus takes the situation seriously as the guest's safety is the top priority. Read more about what precautions Musikkens Hus takes on their website.

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