Aalborg International Guitar Festival & Competition

Aalborg International Guitarfestival is the biggest of its kind in Northern Jutland. Enjoy kletzmer, classic and modern music, and jazz and blues – in other words, the festival has something for everyone.

Due the outbreak of Covid19, the Guitar festival had been moved from to 15th - 22nd of November

When Aalborg International Guitar Festival & Competition this March returns, it will be 24th time to do so. You can look forward to hearing brilliant guitar music over 7 days, by both national and international musicians. Besides the concerts, the festival offers competitions, masterclasses, workshops, and exhibitions. 

The festival is intended for everyone, professionals, teachers, and new beginners, are all welcome as the festival intends to be an inspiration source for all interested in guitar and its art - rhythmic as well as classic. Here you will have the opportunity to experience and meet new people who have the same passion for the instrument. The concerts will be held in different locations within the city.

The festival offers the following concerts:

15.11.20. - 19.30 - Musikkens Hus

Guitar and String Quartet

Guitar: Mikkel Lynggard, Jakob Bangsø & Finn Elias Svit

18.11.20 - 19.30 - Utzon Center

Guitarmusic Though The Centuries

Roberto Fabbri, Italy & Tommaso Ieva, Germany

19.11.20 - 10.00 - 18.00 - Foredragssalen - Medborgerhuset Rendsburggade

Free entrence

3. Aalborg Internationale Guitar Competition

1. round

19.11.20 - 19.30 - Aalborg Kloster


Peter Graneis, Tyskland & Jesus Serrano, Mexico

20.11.20 - 10.00 - 16.00 - Foredragssalen - Medborgerhuset Rendsburggade

Free entrence

3. Aalborg Internationale Guitar Competition


20.11.20 - 19.30 - Utzon Center

Classical Guitar Evening

Johan Fostier, Belgium

20.11.20 - 19.30 - Center for Dansk Jazzhistorie 

Young Jazz Talent

Casper Hejlesen Kvartet

21.11.20 - 11.00 - Klaverstemmeren 

Piano & Guitar

Duo Klavitarre

21.11.20 - 15.00 - 17.00 - Utzon Center

3. Aalborg Internationale Guitar Competition

Grand Finale

21.11.20 - 20.00 - Huset

Tango Evening 

Duo Bandini & Chiacchiaretta

22.11.20 - 14.30 - Skipper Clement Skolen



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